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Teen Perspective on PG-13 and R Rated Movies

by Sam P. | November 7th, 2011 | Teen Perspective

With the new Twilight movie coming out soon, I figured this is the perfect time to discuss this. Now, if you have ever read Breaking Dawn, you know that some parts are very scandalous and very adult. I was very worried that it would be rated R if they decided to leave in certain parts, but luckily they decided not to film certain areas of the book, so it is rated PG-13.

I have watched quite a few R rated movies, like just last week I watched Horrible Bosses (if you are curious I thought it was hilarious). The R rated movies that I do watch are typically rated R because of language, which, for me, isn’t that big of a deal. More than half the stuff said in the movies I hear on the bus every day. The one thing I don’t like about R rated movies is when they are rated R because of goriness. I wouldn’t say I qualify for fainthearted or really even faint stomached, but I do get faint very easily if you get what I’m hinting at. That is the only thing that will make me not view an R rated movie. Besides that, and scary movies, my dad doesn’t really care, of course he and his wife always watch them with me, but still, you get what I’m saying. My mom on the other hand isn’t quite that lenient, but I still have a fairly free range on movies.

I personally think that children that are not teenagers yet should not be allowed to watch R rated movies, and any teenager under age 17 shouldn’t see it without a parent. As for PG-13, any child under 10 probably shouldn’t see them, because I have seen a fair number of PG-13 movies where they really pushed the limit on the rating scale. I am not even going to start talking about movies that are rated higher that R because: 1) I have never see any movie rated over R and 2) I don’t think those movies should even be produced. The fact that the rating of R is not protective enough to the audience is insane. If you agree, or disagree, with me, leave a comment explaining why you do or don’t and I will take your thoughts into consideration.

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