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Teen’s Perspective on Dieting

by Sam P. | February 29th, 2012 | Teen Perspective

Nowadays it seems as if every girl feels as if she is not skinny enough. And with the way celebrities look today it makes sense. It seems as if every single celebrity is either insanely skinny and called anorexic, the perfect size zero, and everybody envies her skinny waist and at least C cup chest. Or you have the celebrity who is only five or ten pounds overweight, but everybody rips her over her weight, calling her fat, like Christina Aguilera. The poor girl just can’t get a break and if you ask me, she looks healthy. Sometimes I swear even a size zero celebrity looks too thin now and then.

But of course this sorting system only applies to women. Nobody cares if a guy is ten pounds overweight, they probably won’t even notice! So if you take all the ripping on celebrities and then go to high school or even middle school, every girl there is comparing herself to say, Megan Fox and saying, “Ugh, I look like a fat cow!” — when really they are one of the skinniest girls in that grade, and any guy would be happy to be with them. And when you factor in all the new weight loss programs like Sensa and Weight Watchers, girls feel even more pressured to go on diets.

If you then take a very physically active girl who is very toned, if not muscular, they feel even more overweight. Since they have muscles they just end up feeling bulky. I do gymnastics and I used to feel like my shoulders made me look too broad and that my thighs looked fat. But I have learned to love my body and embrace my muscles. But one of my friends who plays soccer and basketball can’t get past her muscles and realize how truly beautiful she is, and that her muscles just make her that much more gorgeous.

I understand that nowadays girls kind of need mirrors to survive. But once you have taken a quick peek in the mirror to make sure your outfit looks good, don’t stay there and stare. That always just makes you feel worse about yourself. Girls always go to the mirror and stare and focus in on the things they hate about themselves, and that isn’t healthy. Nobody likes the girl who can only talk about how ugly she thinks she is, especially when she is completely drop dead stunning.

So anyway, as I was saying, I hate it when people diet, especially if they don’t need to. It’s only healthy to have a little meat on your bones. If you can’t accept the fact that having meat on your bones is called being healthy, then that’s your problem — that you can’t realize that you’re gorgeous. And you should really stop comparing yourself to the toothpick skinny girls at your school, because if you ask me I think they look anorexic. And nobody wants to look anorexic, so with that said, you don’t want to look like them.

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