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Teaching Baby to Swim

by T Akery | October 16th, 2013 | Infants/Toddlers, Safety

poolside babyIt may surprise many parents to find that their babies can learn the basics of swimming. Some babies even naturally take to the pool. That doesn’t mean that you can leave them unsupervised. But the earlier a baby learns how to adapt to the water, the easier it will be to teach them how to swim. The whole point of teaching them how to swim is so that they can get to the side if they ever accidentally fall in. With so many pool accidents happening, this is an important skill that may save their life. It will also help them with their gross motor skills and coordination.

Teaching baby to swim does rely on a trust between you and your baby about the water. So, if you are nervous about the water or don’t know how to swim, don’t be afraid to take a few lessons yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim during the first few times because you will never really go past your waist when holding your infant.

Take the time to find some swimming lessons that accommodate infants. All of these classes will require a parent to be present to assist with the process of swimming. The instructor will help with the exercises but it will be up to the parent to support their infant during this time.

Swimming diapers are a must when taking infant swimming classes. While you can add the cute bathing suit, your infant’s regular diaper will get saggy with water after a time and can fall off in the pool. So, make sure the diapers are secure before entering into the water.

Water wings are not used during infant swimming lessons. The idea is that eventually your infant will swim on their own without the help of these. They are also not something that should be used as a safety measure to keep your child afloat. They are more of a toy than a safety item.

premierSunscreen is also essential. Lessons are typically 45 minutes long and exposure to the sun is inevitable. Even shaded pools won’t prevent your infant from getting burned.

Some infants just don’t take well to the water. It is fine if they are reluctant to take the plunge the first few times. You have to be upbeat and encouraging. But you also have to recognize when they have reached their limit. If they have, it is fine to take them out and try again at another time. Some infants will need to adjust to being in the water.

Swimming is a fundamental skill that can help them in the future. Starting now will give them a head start on their future swimming skill.

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