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Swimsuit Shopping

by Sam P. | July 21st, 2011 | Teen Perspective

I always find swimsuit shopping very frustrating, as I am barely even a size zero.† I don’t fit very well into juniors, but I find kids’ swimsuits too young for me.

Some stores that† I suggest for teenagers like me are Aeropostale and Old Navy.† I know that you are probably thinking, Aeropostale?† Won’t they be too big since they are a juniors store?† For your information, their bathing suits run small and they have a lot of cute styles.† They have string to bandeau to halters.† Although, I would only suggest them if you were looking for a bikini.

If you are looking for any type of bathing suit I would go to Old Navy.† In their women’s department they have all different styles.† They have almost all kinds of bikini, plus one-pieces and tankinis.† If you are insanely small like me, I would suggest the x-small there.† If you are a size small and up, I would suggest Target.† They are just like† Old Navy, same low prices too, but they run a little bit bigger.

My favorite style is the bikini.† I like the bandeau style, but if you jump into a pool while wearing one, I hope no boys are looking your way at the moment.

The hottest colors this season are bright colorful ones and big bold patterns.† If you get a big colorful bathing suit with bold prints, I would suggest getting a neutral cover-up with no pattern, and the same thing — except switched — for neutral swimsuits without a pattern.† The only thing that I would not suggest is a white cover-up because they get dirty so easily.

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