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Studying, from the Teen Perspective

by Sam P. | February 13th, 2012 | Teen Perspective

I am one hundred percent sure that, when given studying for homework, at least eighty percent of you won’t. And I say all the power to you! Most of the time when I am given studying for homework, I don’t do it either. But, sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at the big picture. Take Bill Gates for instance, do you think he got to where he is by not studying? I don’t think he did! I am one hundred percent sure he studied in middle and high school. Now how many of you want to grow up and be rich and famous? Well I can’t guarantee that it will happen, but I can guarantee if there’s to be any hope of you getting there, you will need to be intelligent. And sure you may be a smart kid, but everybody needs to study.

I just got my algebra midterm back on Friday, and I got a 93.5 on it. A ninety three point five! Wanna know how I did so well? I studied! For the whole entire week before it, I went to three after-school study groups and studied every night before I went to bed. One of my friends, and I am not going to say who, got a 99.5 on her midterm. She went to every single study group for two weeks before the midterm and studied every night for two weeks. My other friend only went to two study groups and never studied and got a 72. And as just one more surprise, the midterm is counting as two test grades. I — and my friend who got the 99.5 — are happy, but the one who did poorly is really upset.

So there you have it, just one more example of how studying can really pay off. And in high school all classes have midterms. I am only in eighth grade and in an advanced math class, but next year I will have at least six midterms to worry about, because I also take Spanish. I mean, yeah, studying is not fun, but it is important. If you truly do want to succeed in life, how well you do in high school will determine what college you go into, and that will obviously affect how and what you do in life. And what you do in life will affect what kind of retirement plan you will receive. So when you think about it, your whole entire life is depending on how much you study in high school.

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