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Souvenir Pennies

by Ronald A. Rowe | August 5th, 2010 | Product reviews

My family and I just returned from a week in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where we did all the touristy things that tourists do. Traveling with two children means that atevery gift stand,souvenir stand, lemonade stand,and band standwe pass I hear two voices clamoring with urgency to buy something.

Without any doubtthe best value invacationsouvenirs is the souvenir penny. You’ve seen the machines at amusement parks and touristdestinations around thecountry.The kids insert fifty-onecents, two quarters and a penny, and get the penny back,stretched and imprinted with some design.Thereisn’t much you can buy forhalf a buck plus a penny, but thesesouvenirs satisfy the kids desireto get somethingand provide a collectablereminder of the trip that will last for many years to come.

As an added bonus,most of the machines involve a large crank wheel that the childgets to turn in order to press and pushout the penny. Often, there are four different designsavailable at each machine and several different machines scattered throughout the attraction. Forthe meager investment of seven dollars,give or take, you can purchase a penny display wallet that willhold thepennies snugly and keep even the messiest child from losing their keepsake (unless theymisplace the whole wallet, which is a distinct possibility).

A few venues have started offering souvenir quarters – exactly the same set up except you insert four quarters and get one back with a design.Although myfirst thought was that this was a needless increase, I’ve come to realize that this can be a frugal parent’s friend. My son actually pleaded withme tobuy him a Dollywood 25th Anniversaryquarter. He walked through the gift shop filled with over priced $20 items andasked for a $1 souvenir quarter.

Souvenir pennies (and yes,quarters, too) make agreat, affordablekeepsake to remember your journeys as the kids grow.

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