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Solution: Who’s the Hairdresser Working For?

by Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil | July 12th, 2013 | Parenting Predicament

haircut boyMy 12-year-old son wanted to get some trendy haircut, very short on the sides but wild and bushy on the top. I thought it would look messy and told the hairdresser just to give him a regular cut, but she said she wasn’t willing to give a child his age a haircut he didn’t want. Well, I’m not willing to pay for a haircut that looks half finished! We left without getting it done and now I’m embarrassed to go back to that same place. And he still needs a haircut. How should I handle this?

Tell them you did not know how to handle your son’s needs since they were different than your own, and you agree he has to be happy with the haircut.

You could say, “Thanks for your input, can we reschedule and I’ll let you do your thing. I’m sure my son will look great since you give great haircuts.”

Tell your son you got caught up in your own taste and want him to be happy too since he has to wear it. Remember the relationship with your son is more important than the haircut so let him have a choice and control !

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