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Solution: Teen and His Teachers

by Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil | January 25th, 2013 | Parenting Predicament

boy n booksMy sons a high school freshman, but hes still letting his feelings about his teachers affect his work. Hes got one teacher hell do anything for, even artwork, which hes never liked. But theres another that he doesn t like, and when hes doing an assignment for her he always says he has no ideas, he doesn t remember what hes learned, etc. etc. How can I convince him to do his best no matter who its for?

Explain that in life we don’t always like someone who gives us a task, but we do it for ourselves. If you do poorly in a subject because you don’t like the teacher it’s “I’ll get you! I’ll spite me!”

Try to find one thing he likes about the teacher or the subject, and ask him to
reward himself with his favorite food or music, etc., for stretching to accomplish
something that takes courage and risk. It might help him in life someday with a boss he may not like.

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