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Solution: Talking After Timeout

by Playroom Supervisors | November 16th, 2012 | Parenting Predicament

I read that when you put a child in time out, you shouldn’t talk about the problem behavior anymore once the time out is over. But what if he’s too out of control to listen to me while he’s actually doing it and being put in time out?

Every child needs to know why he’s in time out. Of course, if he/she is too upset or crying, then you need to wait until he calms down. Otherwise he will not hear a thing you are trying to say. Also, the age of the child is very important. For the young ones your explanations need to be short and simple. “Older” children (4-5) should be able to understand more about  consequences for their actions. So, yes, every time out should be explained to a child.

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