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Solution: Keeping Toys Outside

by Editorial Team | August 24th, 2013 | Parenting Predicament

bikesMy kids are always coming in and leaving their toys outside because they say they might go out and use them again later. The stuff gets so dirty I wouldn’t want it inside anyway. But I don’t want it to disappear like a lot of things in our neighborhood do. Is there some safe system for keeping outdoor toys?

Here are some suggestions for outdoor toy storage that the editorial team was able to find online.

This article by Robert Mizrahi of Chaos Commandos recommends making use of your garage to organize outdoor toys. This is an especially good idea if there are theft issues in your neighborhood. Wall hooks and vertical bike racks will keep your kids’ gear secure and out of the way. Mizrahi also likes storage benches with wheels, which can be moved around and used for seating at family gatherings.

Elizabeth Smith, an engineering writer at eHow, is also a fan of wall hooks and says in this article, “Buy a set of plastic crates with holes in them and hang from the hooks; your children will be able to deposit and access their balls, gloves and other outdoor toys easily, and the holes will allow for easy drainage and evaporation of water.”

Mizrahi also notes that Rubbermaid bins are an option – and they’re easier to find than more specialized storage containers.

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