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Solution: Ex-Friend is Back

by Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil | May 17th, 2013 | Parenting Predicament

boys by waterAn ex-friend of my son is going to start going to his school next year (they’ll both be in tenth grade). They went to a private school together a few years ago, but my son began to feel that this boy was undermining his self-confidence.  He now feels that if he has to deal with this boy at school again he’ll have some kind of meltdown. Should he ask not to be put in any of the same classes as him? It’s a big enough school that it could be done. Of course he’ll have to explain why and that’ll be embarrassing.

Invite the boy and his parents over for ribs and chicken wings and a pool party (if you have access to one) Let the kids talk while the parents talk; don’t mention any bad stuff, just tell his parents they have a lively son. Make sure your son acts gracious and not fearful. Keep the emphasis on the fab food and swimming.

In other words,use reverse psychology! Then if that does not work, after he settles in you’ll have a rapport with his parents to help you and your son.

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