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Solution: Correct a Child’s Reading?

by Mrs. C. | October 5th, 2012 | Parenting Predicament

When my child is reading something aloud and gets a word wrong, should I correct it right away?

If your child is a beginning reader as in Grade 1, I would not correct them for now. Just allow them to read to develop the whole rhythm of reading and to instill a love of being able to read. However, if your child is in Grade 2, then I would correct them as they are reading aloud. I would not make a big issue out of it at all, I would simply say the word correctly as they’re reading along. It is the teacher’s role to correct them when reading words incorrectly and to give them the skills necessary for decoding and fluency. As a second grade teacher, when I’m teaching reading in small groups, I will teach the child the correct word and maybe even discuss the meaning if it seems that that would help with retention and understanding of the word, and then I would have the child repeat the sentence saying the word correctly.

As a parent, my belief is that it is your job to simply instill the love of the written word with your child through having them witness you reading on your own and reading for enjoyment with them.

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