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Signs Your Toddler Has Not Outgrown Nap Time

by T Akery | January 9th, 2013 | Infants/Toddlers

napNap time is such an important time of day for both parents and toddlers. But sometimes, your toddler just does not want to take a nap. You should not take this as a sign that they have suddenly outgrown their need to take a nap. While you can introduce the alternative of “quiet time,” the chances are your toddler still needs some time to relax. So, here are some signs that nap time is not quite over even though it has been a few days since their last real nap.


You can always tell a tired toddler by how cranky they are. If they didn’t get a good night’s sleep or woke up with nightmares, you may need to move up nap time up. Crankiness is a sure sign that they have overdone things and that they desperately need a break. Even if they don’t sleep, they will still benefit from a little quiet time.


Tantrums†are physically and emotionally draining. The more of these that they throw during the day, the more tired your toddler can become. Yes, they will probably throw a tantrum about going to bed, but it is quite clear they need some rest. You may have to be a little tough in order to get them to lie down. But they should fall asleep within a few minutes. After all, they have used quite a bit of energy making their displeasure known to everyone in the neighborhood.


Usually, your toddler follows your directions. Then their attitude changes to wanting to do nothing. No, their personality didn’t instantaneously change. They are likely starting to get tired and don’t feel that they can accomplish the task put before them. This isn’t always a sure sign, since some toddlers are contrary by nature. But it is a sign in a usually eager to please personality.


Crying is another one of those signs that indicate a tired toddler. While you are probably able to tell the difference between fake tears and real tears, crying a lot might mean a lie-down. If they have been hurt, then the chances are higher that they need a nap. Just make sure that the injury is taken care of first.

Missing one day of nap time doesn’t mean that your toddler has outgrown it. They still need their time to rest and recharge during the day. After all, nap time is important to you too.

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