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Predicament: Facebook Forever?

by Jane Wangersky | June 18th, 2012 | Parenting Predicament

My twelve-year-old gave a fake birth date and opened a Facebook account. Of course I want him to close it down, but I’m afraid if he admits he lied he’ll never be able to open one when he’s old enough. How do I shut him down for the short term?

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yes, it is true that only 13 year olds and older are allowed to have Facebook accounts.

    There is a ‘delete my account’ option where you and your son can opt to permanently delete this account. This will not prevent him from opening up another new account in the future. Many people have multiple Facebook accounts. This may require having another email address to attach the account to. I suggest not using full or real names on Facebook. Employers and universities are looking up potential employees and students by their legal names. If someone uses a nickname and then keeps their privacy settings strong it will protect them from unwanted attention on FB. Hope this helps!

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