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Parent & Child Health – Toddlers Moving From Cot to Bed

by Editorial Team | October 7th, 2014 | Development, Infants/Toddlers

GenericRaising a child is not an easy thing, and parents can often feel frustrated and be at their wits end. The good thing is, you are not alone! Parents everywhere go through the same issues, concerns and questions as you and probably feel equally frustrated at times.

Which is why it’s always a great idea to use, and other inspirational, informative websites. Whether you are looking for some child safe websites to educate and entertain, or advice on moving a toddler from cot to bed, you will find parents talking about it online.,, and other great parent advice sites can really help reduce the frustration, and get you the answers that you need.

An often debated subject with new parents is the one mentioned above; at what point they are ready to make the transfer in their child’s sleeping arrangements, from cot to bed, or even from the parents bed to the child’s own bed.

Interestingly enough, a baby’s sleeping arrangements often depends largely on individual parenting styles, personal beliefs and cultural practices. Many parents can only feel secure with their baby nestled in between them (not advised these day), while others have complete nurseries (in a separate room) ready for the baby from day one.

But eventually the question arises, “Is it time for your child to have a proper bed of their own?”

The great thing about cots is that they provide a sense of security and peace of mind for both the parents and the child. For the child it is a comfortable place that they know is theirs, it provides them with a sense of ownership and stability.

As for the parents, they can go to sleep knowing that their child is sleeping in a secure environment. They don’t have to worry about their child rolling off on to the floor and bumping their heads or getting up at night and wandering off to explore the house.

The con is that eventually the time will come when the cot will be outgrown, and generally, a good way of figuring out when your toddler is ready for a big kid bed is when they start climbing out of their cots.

It’s a clear message being sent to the parents by the child that they are ready for the next step. At that point the cot also stops being a ‘safe’ place and instead turns into a hazard as they can easily hurt themselves trying to climb out of it.

Once you have made the decision to make the move, pick the perfect moment to do so. It’s important for your child to not lose their sense of stability and security. For instance, don’t make the move while there are a lot of changes going on in your home or right before you are expecting another child, it may add to your toddler’s jealousy and make them feel insecure.

When you do eventually move them to a bed, shop around (with your child) and make sure that it’s a safe and comfortable bed, maybe with rails on the side to prevent falls. If it helps, keep the same bedding from the cot in the new bed for a while so that your child does not feel as though everything is unfamiliar to them.

Having a continued sense of stability is an important part of a child’s mental well being and health. Do some further reading for more information on how to make this an easy transition.

For parents who are in the habit of sleeping in the same bed as their child, moving them to a bed can be a difficult choice and both parent and child may need some time to ease into it. However, you need to remember that being able to sleep independently is a very important part of a child’s growth and development as an individual being.

It is equally as important for parents to have some personal space for themselves within which they can enjoy some down time and reconnect emotionally and physically with their partners. While it is important to be available for your children, it is unhealthy for both parent and child to be in an overly co-dependant, smothering relationship.

In short, everything should have a proper balance. So when you feel that its time, make the transition from cot to bed without guilt. You’re not abandoning your child or forcing them to grow up, you’re helping them to develop as an individual.

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