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Helping Your Preschooler to Battle Germs

by T Akery | April 17th, 2012 | Preschool

Preschool introduces your child to a lot of new things. Unfortunately, one of the bad things is exposure to germs that other children bring in. Those germs are easily spread and can make your child sick. While you can’t insulate them from this type of exposure, you can give them some tools to help them.

Teaching them to wash their hands is a major step to keeping your preschooler well. While the preschools do encourage this practice, it is important to reinforce it at home. Once they get into the habit, it will become easier to remind them to do so.

Practice the fine art of sneezing or coughing into elbows. You can turn this little practice into a game to help them remember to do so during preschool. Also, advise them to avoid touching their nose and face.

Explain to them the rule about not drinking out of other children’s cups. Furthermore, encourage them not to drink out of a cup if they aren’t sure. If your preschool allows it, consider packing them their own special cup for snack time.

Pay attention to the preschool’s sick policy and don’t send your child in if they are sick. They are less likely to participate and tend to be more cranky when they are sick, even if you give them medication. Thus the teachers have to work doubly hard to keep the activities moving. Plus, your child is exposing other children to their germs, and a simple cold can spread like wildfire even with all the precautions you may be taking with your preschooler.

Unfortunately, getting sick is part of the preschool experience, as children are now exposed to lots of different things. Though it is something that is hard to avoid, you can temper it somewhat by teaching your preschooler to wash their hands, direct their coughs and sneezes, and avoiding preschool when they are sick.

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