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by Sam P. | October 17th, 2011 | Teen Perspective

All right, listen up teens and tweens, because here is some good advice on having a safe, but fun, Halloween.

First off, I want to say that once you hit 14 or 15, you shouldn’t be trick or treating anymore. Once you hit that age, you are in high school, and it is inappropriate for high schoolers to be trick or treating. Go have fun at your own Halloween parties.

But, if you are 13 or below here are some rules for a fun, safe night:

  1. Do not talk to strangers – I know you hear it all the time, but it’s true. I mean, not all strangers are gonna kidnap you or kill you, there are some nice people out there, but it is better not to take the chance. It’s fine to say hi to the adults handing out candy in their doorway, but if there is some random adult wandering around, I would suggest staying away.
  2. Trick or treat in groups of two to five people. You will be safer in numbers, but more than five and you are sure for an argument.
  3. Don’t eat any candy with an open wrapper. Chances are that it is fine, but there is still a chance that there is a razor blade in it or it’s poisoned.
  4. Be responsible with your outfit, don’t wear anything you wouldn’t wear to a friend’s house or around your parents. If you are in a group and you are the only one with cleavage showing or having your dress barely covering your butt, you need a shirt or leggings under your outfit. Also, if your friends picks out your costume and you feel insecure, make sure they know, because if you don’t, you won’t have any fun.
  5. Wait till you get back to your friend’s house to start trading and eating candy. If you are walking and eating and trading all at the same time I am pretty sure you’re gonna spill some — and kneeling on cold pavement late at night trying to find all the candy you spilled is never exciting, if anything it makes you fell pretty stupid. Especially if your friends don’t realize you had to stop and you have to go chasing after them, believe me you will feel like quite the lummox.

If you follow these rules, I can guarantee you will have tons of fun on Halloween. Believe me, I used to have tons of fun, and I followed these exact rules. 🙂

  1. Sam P says:

    I, as the author of this article, was reading through and realized that my statement on ages came off incorrectly. It did not reflect what I was truly trying to say. What I meant was up to 8th grade is fine, but once you hit high school then it becomes inappropriate. Some of my friends have already turned 14, but are only in 8th grade and should be able to savor that last year of trick or treating.

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