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Graduation Gifts

by Louise | June 16th, 2010 | Teen Perspective

It’s graduation time! What do you get a graduate?

If you simply know a graduate, who you’d like to congratulate with a gift, there’s really only one question you need to keep in mind when getting one: will the graduate definitely be able to use this wherever he or she is headed next? What a graduate really needs (well, everyone needs it) is money. You might feel uncomfortable simply giving money, because it doesn’t come across as a gift that has a lot of thought put into it, but you can rest-assured that this is not what the graduate is thinking. However if you would like to make the gift of money a bit more personal, you could choose to get a gift card at a store that the graduate will certainly be buying from, perhaps a local bookstore. I would caution against buying any items for the grad unless it was something for which he or she has specifically asked.

Eventually, with a bit of luck, you will see your own children graduate. There are many different ways in which parents celebrate their graduating children. Some choose to throw their son or daughter a graduation party, inviting family, friends, and neighbors. Graduation parties can be rather expensive. A platter of cold cuts that is marketed as able to serve 20 guests can typically run a tab of about $60. However, the guests of the party typical bring gifts for the graduate, thus spending money on a graduation party can almost seem like a method of transferring a portion of your money to your child.

Other families choose to honor their graduates at a less public level, simply giving a gift to the graduate. A parent’s gift to a graduate will depend on what the student has chosen to do next in life and the family’s budget for this expense. It may take some time to think of what your graduate really needs or would truly appreciate, and this will be different for everyone. (E.g. My twin sister and I have chosen to get matching rings to remind ourselves of each other during college; we love them!) If all else fails, money is always appreciated.

  1. giving gifts will be counted always coz you can keep and be reminded of it everytime you see it…money will just disappear though also good!

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