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Gotta Get that Money

by Chang Song | February 28th, 2011 | Teen Perspective

It seems the one thing a teen says to his or her parents more than anything else is, “Can I please have some money?” Teens ask their parents for money more times than they brush their teeth. The only way for parents to reduce the times the same question is asked during the day is to encourage their kids to get a part-time job.

A part-time job for a teen can be more beneficial than parents think. The obvious benefit of the job is the money. Now, a job for a teen can be good for both the teen and the parents. On one hand, the teen would have the money to buy whatever he or she likes. For the parents, they will have less of the same conversations with their kids and more chance for more interesting bonding moments. SUPER! Well, it depends.

While money is the obvious and most apparent benefit of a teen getting a job, teens can get much more out of a part-time job than just the pocket change they earned. After a few weeks and maybe a few months after teens get their part-time jobs, they will realize the value of the dollar and they will appreciate their parents a lot of more than they used to. Appreciate their parents? Many parents think this day might never come. The thing is, when teens go through hard labor to earn money, they will understand what their parents go through in order to support them.

A part-time job also helps with a kid’s character, as it can teach lessons on how to work through adversity, which they will need later in life. Additionally, a job can teach skills that they will later in the work force. It can teach them how to communicate with fellow workers, deal with authorities, and take responsibilities for their actions. And please, parents, your kids can learn these skills from any job. You don’t need to find your kid an internship with upper management of Microsoft or labs in the hospital of Johns Hopkins. It sure sounds nice, but not necessary.

Lastly, a job can teach your kid to master time management. That could be crucial to your kid’s success later in life. A teen job could be as beneficial as making your kid eat vegetables daily.

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