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Firecracker Fun: Don’t Get Burned!

by Lisa Stauber | July 8th, 2008 | Infants/Toddlers

Fourth of July is a favorite family holiday. Relatives arrive from out of town to grill, eat, and gape at the fireworks. It’s a pleasant interruption during the long, hot days of summer.

It’s also a time when parents must be extra vigilant, especially if you choose to skip the big show and set off firecrackers on your own. These tips will help you keep your kids safe while you celebrate our nation’s independence.

  1. Fireworks can be scary. Many toddlers will be frightened by the loud noise or surprising lights. This is normal, and it doesn’t mean you darling daughter will hate fireworks forever. Little ones may be content to watch from a window or from inside a vehicle (with an adult, of course!)
  1. Fireworks are for adults. Only adults should light firecrackers, by placing it on a hard, fireproof surface (such as a street), starting the fuse, and quickly stepping back. No one ever should hold a lit firecracker in his or her hand. Sparklers are fun, but they burn at temperatures exceeding 1800 F, which can cause serious damage to little faces and hands. Save them for the grown-ups.
  1. Safety first! Children should not wear loose clothing around fire or firecrackers. Keep little ones away from grills and barbecues. Fire resistant clothing is a good choice. Keep a bucket of water nearby in which to put spent firecrackers and duds, and carefully submerge each one. Have a hose or fire extinguisher ready, and never light firecrackers where a spark might ignite your home or landscaping.
  1. Offer safe alternatives. Preschoolers can hold pinwheels instead of sparklers, and kids can blow party horns instead of lighting black cats. After dark, hand out some glow necklaces or flashlights.

Have a fun, safe Independence Day!

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