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Dealing with Toddler Allergies

by T Akery | September 23rd, 2011 | Infants/Toddlers

Dealing with allergies in toddlers is a very difficult task for parents. The thought that your child could react adversely to the things around them is very scary. You can only control so much of their environment. It is the things beyond your control that you worry most about.

You are not alone when it comes to helping your toddler control their allergies. Along with your doctor’s advice, seek out a support group to help you cope with the diagnosis and get information on what other parents are doing to cope with their children’s allergies. Oftentimes, you can find up-to-date information, tips, recipes, and more from these support groups.

Inform family, friends, caregivers, the parents of play dates, and anyone else who may look after you toddler about their allergies. Don’t expect people to remember exactly what to do in case of accidental exposure. Instead, write down the allergies, emergency instructions, and any emergency numbers. Make copies for everyone. If you have an Epi-Pen or an inhaler, demonstrate how it should be used prior to leaving your toddler in their care.

If your toddler is attending daycare or preschool, talk directly to the teachers. Provide them with written instructions as well. Make certain they know exactly what do if your  toddler experiences a reaction. You want their teacher to know in addition to the principal and the nurse’s office. Your toddler’s teacher will be the first person who has to deal with the problem before they even get to the nurse’s office. Don’t be afraid to make certain their teacher knows how to use an Epi-pen.

In addition, inform the other parents about your toddler’s food allergies. Preschool parents will avoid bringing snacks that contain the offensive ingredients. You may want to pack your child’s own snacks for the teachers to give them during snack time. If you can, match it as closely as possible to the snack that the rest of the class is having so your child doesn’t feel singled out because they happen to be allergic.

Finally, teach your toddler about their allergies. Use pictures to demonstrate the things that they should avoid along with the things that they can have. Get them involved. This way, they know what to avoid even if you aren’t there.

It is always difficult when your toddler is diagnosed with allergies. Once you get the diagnosis, take a proactive stance on your toddler’s allergies. While you can’t control every situation, you need to keep everyone who is involved with your child informed. You will need all the support you can get to deal with the allergies that plague your toddler.

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