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Dealing with the Endless Runny Nose

by T Akery | March 5th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

The endless runny nose is the bane of any parent with an infant or toddler. It is constant, collects dirt,  is very sticky, and mucus gets on everything that their hands or noses touch. It makes cleaning a nightmare and creates extra loads of laundry since they tend to rub their noses on everything. So here are a few tips when dealing with the runny nose.

First, you should have them checked out by a doctor especially if their nasal discharge is not clear in color. This is to rule out any bacterial infections or determine whether or not they have allergies which could make the runny nose a long term problem.

If allergies are determined to be a problem, then your best bet is to minimize exposure to the irritants. It may be impossible, at times, to do this especially if they are allergic to things like pollen.

If there is nothing wrong with your toddler, then it becomes a game of damage control. Fill up your soap containers completely with soap. You will be washing your hands a lot. You should wash them right after you make the child blow their nose. Keep a few hand sanitizer containers readily accessible if you go to the store or don’t have a sink readily available.

Instruct them on how to direct their sneezes into their elbows. Be careful of sneezes. This is when they tend to blow out the most and it will land on anything that is in front of them. Disinfect these areas as soon as possible after you have cleaned off their face.

Always carry a role of toilet paper with you. This way you can easily pile on as many layers as needed to protect your hands. Tissues aren’t that well suited for thicker mucus. They can get a little leaky unless you layer them as well. While you can use a wet wipe, save those for the worst messes where you have to tackle dirt as well as mucus on their face.

Runny noses are an unfortunate mess that parents have to tackle. While you can’t stop their noses from running, the best you can really do is manage the problem. Make sure you wash your hands frequently, stock up on the cleaning and laundry supplies and the toilet paper. Eventually, the endless runny nose will go away. It just doesn’t go away that fast.

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