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Dealing with New Teeth

by T Akery | June 2nd, 2011 | Infants/Toddlers

The age at which your infant starts growing a set of teeth varies depending on the child. Some infants start developing teeth very early while others take their time. It is very natural to have two different infants differ in their number of teeth.

Cutting in teeth can be very painful for an infant. Unfortunately, the only way an infant can relate that something hurts is through crying. So, determining that they are cutting in teeth as the source of their crying can be difficult to determine. But if the usual methods to soothe your child don’t work as well as they did, it might be time to look in their mouths.

You should always consult your pediatrician for prolonged periods of crying or if your infant develops a fever or unusual swelling in the mouth. If your infant appears to be in an unusual amount of pain, definitely contact your pediatrician immediately. Any doubt about your infant’s teeth development should be discussed with your pediatrician first.

One thing most teething remedies have in common is the use of a cold compress. Cold is used to numb the area and provide a temporary relief in their mouths. It is best if you keep spare teething devices in the freezer for when they are needed. The type of teething device is entirely up to you and your child’s preference. You can use a washcloth or any number of teething toys that are available on the market. The key is to keep them cold.

Tylenol can also help with temporary pain relief. Always follow your pediatrician’s advice and the directions on the bottle when administering this medication. It is meant for temporary, not long term use.

Even though it is your infant that is in pain, you will have a measure of anxiety resulting from taking care of your teething child. First and foremost, give yourself a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the dishes are still sitting in the sink or the laundry hasn’t been folded. It is fine to let some things go to deal with your infant’s teeth.

Don’t be afraid to take that fifteen minutes in the shower while your infant is being watched in another room by someone you trust. It will do wonders for you and help you deal with the next round of crying. You need a break for yourself every once in awhile.

As partners, don’t be too critical when you return home from work and nothing appears to be done. Dealing with a teething infant is akin to sitting in rush hour traffic right after a big accident. It certainly has all the drama of dealing with coworkers who won’t cooperate on anything.

Your infant is going through a painful stage with teeth. There is bound to be some pain, a lot of frustration, and grating on the nerves. All you can do is comfort them as much as possible. However, it is just as important to take care of yourself.

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