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Child Care Options

by Joe Lawrence | December 4th, 2009 | Infants/Toddlers

In today’s society it is common to require child care.  Most families have two working parents or single parents.  Which is the best option?

According to a parenting trend on Twitter.com, a popular piece of advice surfaced.  Parenting tip: every 15 minutes yell out “be careful” even if you don’t have a clue what they are doing.  Getting this to play on a recording would be a cheap method but probably not the best.

The three main options are daycares, nannies, or staying with a relative.  In this case, I want to start with the best.  Staying with a relative or close friend.  This is the best option because it is friendly on the wallet and who can “mold” your child better than Grandma or someone with similar values.  However, this is not an option many have.  The military has removed this option from me.

That goes into the second best, the nanny.  There are tons of people seeking employment.  From stay-at-home moms to grad students, all of whom are searching for extra cash.  This is a great option because your child gets one-on-one attention.  Knowing that there is someone there all day focusing solely on my child is a comforting feeling.

The downfalls are the cost, hiring and they are only one person.  Prices are normally much more than daycare.  There is a challenge to hiring the best person whom you would trust with your child all day.  How can you truly know who anyone is?  Lastly, you are fine with the cost and found the best person, what if they get sick?  If your nanny gets sick, it can be a huge challenge to find someone last minute.  When an emergency arises or if they just want a vacation, again you are stuck.

The last option is daycare.  I personally find this to be the worst option.  It is good in terms of cost compared to the nanny and with all the workers there is lots of accountability.  The downfalls are too many kids per helper and someone is always sick.

Lots to consider when it comes to this decision.

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