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4 Smart Toddler Climbing Safety Tips

by Marnie Bii | September 28th, 2015 | Infants/Toddlers, Safety

toddler playing (400x400)No matter how hard you try to prevent it, toddlers are going to climb. Even the youngest of the bunch, unable to stand for more than a few seconds on wobbly legs, will quickly learn how to climb over the bars of the crib and flip themselves out in a single bound. Toddlers will climb much higher than they can safely handle and end up stuck like a cat in a tree. These young climbers are not even dissuaded for a moment by the wobbly or slippery surfaces that instantly scream danger to their horrified parents.

Since your toddler will endlessly use an inhuman amount of sheer determination to climb every surface in the world, it’s up to you to make this activity as safe as possible. Thankfully, you really can make climbing safer for your young tot with the following tips.

Buy Suitable Sneakers

Tightly fitting sneakers with textured soles make it easier for toddlers to remain steady while climbing up ladders, stairs and bars on play structures. Although you likely buy the shoes big to stay ahead of your kid’s rapid growth in toddlerhood, you can still obtain shoes that tighten down snugly with laces. Furthermore, avoid putting rain boots or other loose fitting footwear on your child before heading out to the park.

Visit Age Appropriate Playgrounds

When you pick a good playground to visit with your toddler, take the overall height of the structure into consideration. The tallest platforms on the local play structures likely range in height from a few feet off the ground to far above your head. You may need to reach up and lift your toddler out of precarious predicaments from time to time, so skip the platforms you cannot easily reach. You can rest easy as your toddler climbs to his or her heart’s content when visiting play structures made for the younger age group.

Stand Guard Below

If your toddler constantly attempts to climb around the outside rails of the play equipment, stand below to offer redirection as needed. You may need to occasionally remind your child to stay within the safety rails, especially since this age group likes to push established boundaries. The rails are put in place to keep kids from falling off the edge of the play equipment while walking or climbing further than a few feet off the ground. When kids play within the given boundaries, less injuries occur overall. Furthermore, depending on the age and steadiness of your child, you may need to lend a supportive hand as they learn how to use the bars and other structures.

Secure Home Furniture

Although time at the park leaves toddlers exhausted, it is still possible for your child to decide to practice his or her newfound skills at home. Climbing on furniture, like TV stands and dressers, can cause the item to tip over onto your child, which often results in serious injuries. Use a bracket to firmly secure heavy furniture to the wall to keep it from tipping over.

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