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Tweens and Xbox Live

by T Akery | January 15th, 2013 | Tweens

xboxThe Xbox is one of the most popular game consoles and gaming platforms. But like the Internet, the online feature has a few things that parents might not be aware of. Just like the Internet, parents need to be aware of these things before letting your tween become involved in this online world. Before you allow them to log on and shut themselves off to the real world, you need to set the rules and enforce them. Because just like the Internet, potential danger lurks even though all they are doing is playing a game.

Rated R/M Games

Rated R and M games are not designed for tween players. As tempting as it is to pick up the latest and most popular game, take the time to do a little research on the game first. Find out what is in the game. You should take as much care in doing this as you would when locking down the internet. Your Tween may talk it up but more often than not, these types of games will probably contain things you wouldn’t want your tween to be exposed to quite yet.

Online Friends

Xbox Live friends are a bit different than your typical social network friends. While you can screen their social network friends, it is a lot harder in Xbox Live. This is because random players often jump on at different intervals and different times. Friends are determined by who has the baddest weapon or the most experience points. Covered by screen names, you never know exactly who your tween is talking to in the online mode. Don’t expect to know who is who. Like online conversations, the game’s anonymity hides the true identity of individuals.

Online Conversations

Monitoring online conversations is probably the number one reason why you want to keep the Xbox in the family room instead of in your tween’s room. It doesn’t take much to turn a conversation from bashing aliens into one full of sexual innuendos and outright cussing. It also doesn’t take much to turn a seemingly decent conversation into a bully session because a player isn’t as skilled as another one. Don’t think that your tween won’t be caught up in the moment of such conversations, because they will. You also need to make certain that they aren’t falling prey to individuals or handing out personal information.

Volume Control

Your tween’s hearing is important. Thus, too loud games and yelled conversations could cause some hearing loss. Keeping the volume to a reasonable level is essential to protecting your tween and your own sanity. This is another reason to keep the Xbox out of the bedroom.

Xbox Live is not something that comes with automatic safety controls. It won’t stop inappropriate conversations or tell your tween they have played long enough. You need to monitor the online feature just as much as you do the Internet. The hazards are the same.

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