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Teen’s Perspective on Healthy Living

by Sam P. | February 19th, 2016 | Seasonal, Teens

bottle-of-waterOne of the key points to a healthy lifestyle that many people forget is hydration.  And it’s rather simple to forget, everyone tries to eat healthy, workout, and simply make better life choices when trying to get in shape or simply lead a better lifestyle, but something as simple as drinking a glass or two of water is overlooked.  Doctors say that each person should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.  That may seem a little extreme, but in the grand scheme of things it is actually very easy to achieve.

While it may seem overwhelming and like a lot at first, and your bladder will agree with you on that, your body will thank you for this.  As I write this I am actually drinking water, how ironic.  My water bottle next to me holds 16.9 fluid ounces, that’s just over two servings right there.  And many water glasses, tall ones specifically, hold over eight ounces of water.  I would approximate that two full, tall glasses of water are about three servings.  And if you bring a refillable water bottle to work or school, which I suggest you do, it most likely holds over eight ounces, many hold sixteen, or even more.  Try to drink one tall glass of water in the morning when you wake up, followed by a water bottle as work or school.  Try to refill this bottle at least once, if not twice.  Drink one glass of water when you get home, with dinner, and before bed.  That should get you to about 64 ounces, or eight eight ounce servings.

It may take your body a few days to adjust, you will retain a bit of water weight as first, but this will drop quickly.  By drinking a glass of water right in the morning, bonus points for it being cold, this will help jump start your metabolism and wake you up.  It can also help with under bag eyes and dark circles, as well as any pillow marks on your face.  Drinking all this water will also reduce your hunger; a full glass of water will take up room in your stomach and can actually help curb hunger and cravings until your next meal.  By drinking the appropriate amount of water you will feel more energized.  However, your skin will thank you the most.  It should look brighter, clearer, and more rejuvenated with in a few days.  Simply hydrating your skin with lotion it not enough, it needs water, as well.

I, personally, love water, but I do know many people that dislike water and find it boring.  If you are one of those people I suggest keeping pitchers of homemade flavored water in your fridge.  Fill a jug with water and add whatever flavors you like.  I am a huge fan of cucumber and mint, but black raspberry and basil are delicious, as is watermelon.  A simple citrus water is delectable, just slice up some limes, lemons, and an orange and throw them in with the water.  Simply add the fruits and herbs that you want to your jug and let it sit overnight.  However, try to drink a few glasses of plain water, as well, and do not add any extra sugar to your water, as it makes it less healthy.

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