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Long Car Rides

by Sam P. | July 4th, 2012 | Teen Perspective

In a large family, flying places gets quite expensive, and quickly too. Because of that, my family tends to drive everywhere. Sure, always driving is boring and slow, not to mention cramped. But almost always it is much more financially intelligent, especially with six people in our family, because we also need a car that fits six people. That is the biggest reason that we drive everywhere, because if we flew — when we got there we would still need a car that fits six people.

On long car rides there are a “few” essential things I always pack. Usually they consist of my iPod, headphones, my Kindle, a book or two, a magazine or two, a deck of cards, a sketch/note pad, a pencil, some pens, and a pencil sharpener. If we will be stopping and eating on the trip, I also pack a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Normally we leave relatively early for our long car rides, so for the first hour or two I tend to sleep. Because of that I can’t put my contacts in till later on in the trip. (I cannot sleep in my contacts, they dry out.) This also makes me pack a glasses case because once I put in my contacts, I need somewhere safe to put my glasses.

For girls or women that plan on sleeping away, to hide the bags under their eyes not only from lack of sleep the night before, but also the first few hours of the trip, I suggest packing a small bag with makeup in it to use once you have finished sleeping — because nobody likes sleeping with makeup on. I tend to slightly break out if I have foundation or powder on when I sleep, and my eye makeup always gets smudged, which is NOT attractive. My bag consists of a tiny moisturizer, a foundation or powder (or both if you need it), mascara, eyeliner (if you use it), an eyebrow pencil (again, you only need this if you fill in your eyebrows), Chap Stick, and a mini mirror. Usually I don’t pack eye shadow because it is messy and difficult to put on in a moving car. Also, if it is a rented car and it is a loose eye shadow and the eye shadow spills, that is just a recipe for disaster.

You may be thinking that none of this is necessary because you will be driving all day long, but you always want to look your best, especially if you will be going into pit stops filled with people just like you. And if you are going to get any male (or female) attention, don’t you want it to be good?

Also, one more thing to do in car rides is work; for example, I wrote this during part of a car ride from Virginia to New Hampshire on Monday.

Normally, people think long car rides are boring, but with the correct carry-ons, they can be very fun.

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