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How to Teach Your Kids About the Value of Life

by Editorial Team | April 16th, 2018 | Elementary

Do you remember when your parents began to teach you about the value of life? From money to friendships or even the feeling of when you brought home your first few dollars, it is an important part of any childhood to understand and appreciate just how much something or someone is worth. Nowadays, kids have something of a disconnect between material objects and money. As an increasing number of transactions are done online, and information can be accessed immediately via technology, do your kids have any true understanding of value at all? If the answer is no, then it is time that you begin to discuss value and worth in your household, so that your children can grow into much more grounded and understanding adults.

Talking about money
Talking to your kids about money should be at the top of your list of priorities and topics when it comes to understanding value and how much things are worth. Luckily, you can keep it lighthearted and make this discussion an enjoyable topic for you all. Try visiting a yard sale and give your children a set budget that they have to stick to, or even consider visiting a bank so that your kids can understand where money is held. You could also get your kids involved in choosing their own clothes and managing how much that they spend each month. Companies such as Nicki’s offer a range of clothing for children. It is vital that you talk to your kids about money so that they learn how to budget and manage any cash from an early age, ensuring that they have a better chance of keeping tabs on their own household expenditure as they mature.

Learning to be grateful and express appreciation and gratitude is one of the most important values and life lessons that your child can learn. Gratitude impacts our lives in a whole range of ways, from being grateful for the simple things such as a hot meal to expressing your thanks and appreciation for a relationship or if a problem has been solved. Remind your kids that life is a blessing and that they should be thankful for each and every aspect of their existence at the moment. Explain that objects come and go, and that important parts of life such as health and wellness are truly worth giving thanks for.

Learning to forgive and forget is one of the hardest things that we can learn to do as a child or an adult. Especially in younger kids, it can be difficult to let an incident that has caused pain or upset become a distant memory. If your kids are renowned for holding grudges, then explain to them that the only person they are harming is themselves. Learning to forgive will help your kids understand how to resolve conflict, and ensure that they grow up into understanding and compassionate individuals. This is one of the most important values that you can teach your child, so be sure to display forgiveness yourself, so that your kids can learn from your own behavior.

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