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A Father’s Love

by Joe Lawrence | October 26th, 2009 | Infants/Toddlers

DSC00224People constantly talk about a mother’s love for her children. Although I will never discredit or argue women have a unique bond with their offspring, fathers also possess a special bond. From the Christian perspective it is one that transcends the generations to Adam and Eve.

One thing I always wondered about, in terms of my religion, is how God could love someone who is as flawed as I am. He sacrificed His son for me and again and again, I break His heart. Constantly, I am doing things that I know are wrong and things I regret immediately. If I am disappointing myself, surely God is distraught.
This all changed when a good friend of mine introduced a unique paradigm on fatherhood. Danny White, of Anointed Fighter Magazine, talked to me before my daughter was born. He told me that I will never love anything in my life the way I would love my child. Although this made perfect sense, logically, it still really didn’t sink in at the moment.

On October 13th, my daughter was born, and my world has changed forever. This gorgeous being whom I had never met, other than an ultrasound picture and some kicks felt through the belly, instantly stole my heart. When the nurse was doing the initial checks and she grabbed my finger with her tiny hand, she owned me.

I cannot imagine her doing a single thing that would separate my love from her. She could tell me she hated me and (God forbid) not like the Steelers, and I will still hold her in my heart. When the nurse drew blood for a test, I wanted to trade places. When she had to lie in the nursery hooked up to tubes and wires because of a breathing issue (she is fine now), Iprayed to take her pain.

Now, I know Icould never know what God thinks or feels, but this glimpse into how He loves all of us is powerful. Ican sleep at night witha clear conscience knowing what it means to be loved unconditionally.

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