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Teen’s Perspective on Middle School Drama

by Sam P. | April 24th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Middle school will probably end up being some of the worst years of your life because everybody is going through puberty, so girls are extra emotional and guys are getting acne. (Well, actually everyone gets acne.) Normally when you think about eighth grade, you think of a bunch of perfect teenagers laughing and joking and just having fun on the beach or in a meadow, like in those Sunkist commercials. But, trust me when I say this, it is never like that. You can practically guarantee that there is always at least one rumor spreading around the school like a wildfire, or at least one fight going on between two best friends. Guys are very lucky because with them it is normally a small physical fight and then the next day it is over; with girls it is much worse because girls tend to be very catty. When girls get into a fight, they go straight to the emotional stuff that hurts about ten times worse than getting slapped or punched.

At my school there used to be one main clique of girls who sort of ran the school. Well, they had this huge falling out at the beginning of the year because this one girl really wasn’t friends with the other three and just hung out with them to stay popular. So anyways, that girl, let’s call her Sarah*, totally told off one of the other girls, let’s name her Amy. Sarah then went and started hanging out with these other girls who were sort of popular, but not quite and then they kind of became the popular group instead of Amy and the other three girls.

Sarah’s new friends then started hanging out with Amy behind Sarah’s back. Well, so that they could both stay popular, Amy and Sarah became “friends” again even though they secretly hate each other. So now there is like this huge group of about five to seven girls, depending on who you ask, and neither Sarah or Amy is the head girl any more. Now it is more the girl Sarah turned to after the fight with Amy. And the two other girls that used to be in the main clique were totally just tossed aside by Amy because of her need to be popular. The even crazier thing is that they are much happier now than they were before. But that doesn’t really even matter, what matters is that this all happened over about two weeks. That just proves how crazy fast middle school drama happens.

And the funniest thing about it is that nobody really even likes any of the girls in the head clique. I personally think they are all fake. They all try way too hard to look and be perfect, and their constant struggle with always looking perfect definitely shows. So here is a tip for all you readers, what people think about you doesn’t matter. All that matters is what you, your parents, and your close friends think. The only people that I try to “impress” are the people I just listed, because those are the people that are closest to me and matter to me the most.

*None of the names provided are the girls’ actual names, fake names were provided as to not leak any personal information.

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