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Toddlers and Puppies

by T Akery | July 10th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

Toddlers and puppies are cute together. They are a natural photogenic couple. But before you dive into getting a puppy for your toddler, you should think about a few things. Yes, those cute faces practically beg to be adopted. But they can also add twice the work and twice the mess.

Your toddler isn’t going to know how to treat an new puppy. So when they are together, you will need to supervise. Your toddler is going to want to pull its ears and tail or put fingers in its eyes. Likewise, your new puppy isn’t going to know how to treat your toddler. It will use its mouth and can nip your toddler, thinking that they are another puppy. These nips are accidental but they will cause your toddler pain.

Both toddler and puppy will require potty training. This is extra work for you as a parent because you have to be aware of both their needs when it comes to potty time. Make sure to keep plenty of disinfectant on hand for messes from both.

Discipline is also quite a challenge with both, especially if they get into it at the same time. This can be a little overwhelming. Of course, both are going to turn on the cute looks to try and get out of time outs. But you do have to stick to ensuring that the troublemakers are instructed that such behavior is not acceptable.

Noise is going to be another problem. Your toddler will eventually throw a fit. How your puppy reacts to this is a bit of a mystery, especially if this is the first time it has encountered a howling toddler. You are going to have to watch puppy’s reaction to the noise.

Toddlers and puppies are almost an irresistible combination. But adding a new puppy to your household with a toddler running around presents its own unique challenges. So before you adopt, consider if you can handle the challenges of both your toddler and puppy.

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