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Contact Safety: Tweens

by Lori Sciame November 6th, 2014| Safety, Tweens
I know a lot about contacts.  I've worn them since I was 14 years old, and my three children all began wearing them in middle school.  I know how great contacts can be; however, I also realize how dangerous they can be as well.  For this reason, I plan

How to Plan a Birthday Party for a Preschooler

by Margot F. November 4th, 2014| Preschool, Social
Birthday parties for children aged two through five can be lots of fun with a bit of planning. Young children do well with inviting only a few children and keeping things simple. What kinds of activities are suitable for different age groups? Do caregivers need to stay at the

How to Deal With Your Child’s Fears

by Tania Cowling November 3rd, 2014| Care, Infants/Toddlers
There is more to a child’s fears than just the scary things that happen during Halloween and monsters. What about fear of separation or the fear of animals? With young children scary things can leave a long-lasting impression. So, how do we deal with a child's fears? Remember all

Brain Safety

by Ronald A. Rowe October 29th, 2014| Elementary, Social
We’ve covered just about every safety issue known to parents on this site but there is one more related safety topic that has yet to be addressed: brain safety.  I’m not talking about making sure your child wears a helmet to protect against physical trauma to the brain.  I’m

Ways to Have Halloween Fun at Preschool

by Margot F. October 28th, 2014| Preschool, School
Halloween is such a fun time for preschoolers. It’s a chance to dress up in their favorite costumes, play fun games and then have a tasty snack, what could be better? A preschool is a perfect place to use the theme of Halloween to learn basic shapes, read simple

Convincing Tweens: School is Fun

by Lori Sciame October 23rd, 2014| School, Tweens
Tweens either proclaim to either love or hate people, places, or things.  It's the age where drama and emotions rule; therefore, it's your job to keep a tween convinced that school, including learning, is fun.  While school might require a child to complete homework and tests, he or she

Three Causes of Behavior Change

by Lori Sciame October 22nd, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
When a child's behavior suddenly changes, it can be a tumultuous time.  A previously sweet, outgoing young boy becomes sullen - barely leaving his room, or a smart, interested girl suddenly seems angry all the time.  What accounts for these sudden changes?  Let's explore three possibilities.

1.  Sexual Abuse

No parent

How to Empower Your Toddler’s Speech With Words

by Tania Cowling October 20th, 2014| Development, Infants/Toddlers
Bet you can't wait to hear your child speak? I went through this with my children and now I'm amazed by what my 2-year-old grandchild can convey. Although toddlers may not yet be speaking clearly, he/she is stockpiling words and will one day burst into speech. Here are a

Forming Social Circles in Middle School

by Ronald A. Rowe October 16th, 2014| Social, Tweens
Junior High School can be a scary time in the life of a child.  Entering the tween years with all sorts of new and unwanted changes going on inside their bodies, these transitional years can be awkward for even the most well-adjusted youth.  Tweens will seek out a social
Child choir competition-2

How to Juggle After School Activities

by Margot F. October 15th, 2014| Elementary, School
With school in session, many parents are interested in signing their child up for extra-curricular activities. Given everyone’s busy schedule, how do parents juggle working, childcare and after school activities?

Organization is important. Children at any age can help manage their own schedules.

In Kindergarten, printing a monthly calendar which is

Curbing the Whining in Your Preschooler

by T Akery October 14th, 2014| Behavior, Preschool
Whining is one of those things that can make a parent nuts. The high-pitched whine sets nerves on edge and frays tempers rather quickly. Unfortunately, this is one of the stages they go through. In a sense, it is a transitional phase from the temper tantrums. But it can

Safety: Tweens Need to Learn by Doing

by Lori Sciame October 9th, 2014| Safety, Tweens
The world we live in can seem  largely unsafe, especially for children.  There are just so many things that can go wrong.  Parents worry.  They wonder if they are doing enough to protect their tween from every possible hazard; however, in an effort to keep a child safe, many
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