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Autumn bdays

Autumn Birthday Parties

by Louise September 15th, 2009| Arts & Crafts, Entertainment, Games, Parties
Do you have a child with a birthday that falls in the autumn? Here are some party ideas that work wonderfully in the autumn for many ages:

Pumpkin picking and decorating: Get a few parents to help you carpool the children to a nearby farm. Then, let them each pick out

Jobs For Young Teens

by Jacob P. June 30th, 2009| Academics, Arts & Crafts, Helpful hints, Money, Teen Perspective, Teens, Work
When I first joined the Wasabi Media Group team, I needed money rather badly to buy stuff, for a decent amount of spending money for a YMCA trip I am doing summer, and other usual teen money needs. Since I have began working a steady job, I have gained plenty of

Teaching Your Child to Write

by Gumer Liston May 5th, 2009| Arts & Crafts, Helpful hints, Learning, Preschool
I learned to write long before I started going to school because my mother taught me how to do it. Now that I have a child of my own, I would like to do with him what my mother had done with me. I started teaching my son to write

Summer Idea for the Kids

by Michele August 13th, 2008| Arts & Crafts, Eating, Entertainment, Sports
"I'm bored!"

Are those typical words in your house?  At this point in the summer, it seems likely that many households are resounding with that same sentence.  Although the kids won't admit to wishing that school would start soon, they have become bored with the laziness of summer.

To help solve the

Potty Trained!

by Melissa April 2nd, 2008| Arts & Crafts, Infants/Toddlers, Preschool
This week I have been celebrating my three-year-old daughter's completion of the potty training process. It has been almost a year since she first she had shown interest in using the potty. As a matter of fact, she even had gone all by herself many times and
hot cocoa

Snow Day!

by Michele March 28th, 2008| Arts & Crafts, Entertainment
Spring has arrived according to the calendar. However, I awoke to the announcement of no school today due to snow. So, on this fine Friday morning, the children are playing inside while I type away beside the fireplace.

Now that there is no school, the clamor begins for electronic
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