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Archives for September 2016


Morning Routines: The Elementary Years

by YPI Editors September 22nd, 2016| Elementary, Seasonal
We beg of you, please tell us that there's a morning routine for your elementary aged child. If you haven't created one and your mornings are chaotic and prone to emotional outbursts, it's time to create a routine. More than likely you've heard that children thrive on a schedule. It's

Morning Routines: It’s Not Too Early to Start

by YPI Editors September 20th, 2016| Infants/Toddlers, Preschool, Seasonal, Seasonal
Mornings- depending on your sleep pattern, you may love them or despise them. Of course, despising them doesn't make them go away or change the time that school or work starts. Regardless to your opinion on this time of day, it's good to get your little ones used to the

TV as Family Entertainment: Teens

by YPI Editors September 15th, 2016| Entertainment, Teens
The teen years are busy years. Actually all parenting years are busy, they just take different formats. In the teen years, the busy parts come from sports, extracurricular activities, social events, school assignments, after school jobs, and more. With all of these happenings, you might wonder when you'll see your
Teeanger with a school paper

Natural Consequences to Bad Behavior

by Sam P. September 2nd, 2016| Behavior, Teens
Bad behavior will typically receive a consequence from a parent, but one does not often think about the natural occurrences that come about because of a bad behavior.  Bad behavior can be anything from just being rude, to being physically aggressive toward things.  It could be someone mouthing off to

Tweens & the Power of Natural Consequences

by Michele September 1st, 2016| Behavior, Tweens
Part of childhood is testing boundaries. The tween years are no exception to this. What am I allowed to do or not do becomes a more prominent thought for kids of this age. They've become more independent and have more outside influences, so they may try to expand their horizons-