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Archives for April 2009


Picking a Sports Program

by Ronald A. Rowe April 28th, 2009| Elementary
One of the many challenges that parents face is the decision to enroll their child in a sports program for the first time. When to enroll, where to enroll, and in what sport? All three questions can be tricky, and all three will have a significant impact on

The Diary of a Deployed Dad-to-be

by Joe Lawrence April 23rd, 2009| Pregnancy
Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. These sounds kept running through my head for the 36 hour journey. The sound of my baby's heartbeat heard just a few days prior. As I kissed my wife for the last time in 120 days, I was crushed. What kind of father will I be? Who

The Best Time to Teach Your Child How to Play a Musical Instrument

by Gumer Liston April 21st, 2009| Preschool
I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was 17. Yes, I started late, but I learned fast. Just a year after learning the guitar, I played bass in a band that my brother and I started. During that time I seriously considered pursuing a career in music,

Sports, from the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. April 18th, 2009| Teen Perspective
Next time you parents out theretell your children they can't play a sport, I want you to think again. As a teen, I think sports are very good for teens. Read on to hear my thoughts.

First off, sports get teens active! With everyone so worried about the obesity 'crisis' here's

Be Someone

by Michele April 17th, 2009| Tweens
Last week, one of the articles on Your Parenting Info, To Coach or Not to Coach, discussed the importance of being involved in sporting events with your children. The conclusion the author drew was that whether you coach or not, your presence at your child's sporting events is important.


Family Traditions

by Ronald A. Rowe April 14th, 2009| Helpful Hints
It's all about the family. Bringing and keeping the family together is one of the highest and best endeavors to which a human being can aspire. One simple but essential facet of family togetherness is the forging and keeping of family traditions.

Family traditions come in all sizes, from

To Coach or Not to Coach?

by Ronald A. Rowe April 9th, 2009| Elementary

Call it the Tiger Woods syndrome, although I'm sure it pre-dates the golf prodigy by many years. A father hardly can look at his two, three, four year old boy swatting at a golf ball, kicking a football, or showing any sort of promise whatsoever without daydreaming of the

Perfect Parenting?

by Gumer Liston April 7th, 2009| Helpful Hints

On the eve of my son's birth, our doctor told us that it would help a lot if I would take my wife for a 15 minute walk. The plan was to deliver the baby the natural way. The baby was due within 24 hours and a short walk would